Federal and State Tax Form Updates
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Certain paper filed tax forms are year specific.  A form for one year is not always the same format the next year.  Each program version has specific year's forms built in.

If you are licensed to use Medlin Payroll Software for the current tax year, you WILL be able to prepare the following forms when the official formats are available.

Federal Forms
·    Form 940, 943, 944 - Filed once a year, in January of the following year.  Not designed and made available by the IRS until late December
·    Form 941 - Filed once a quarter, the month after the quarter ended.  Not usually designed and made available by the IRS until March.
·    Form 941B - If needed, filed with Form 941.  Does not change often
·    Form W-2 and Form W-3 - Filed by February of the following year. Unpredictable - sometimes available in the middle of the year, sometimes not available until the end of the year.  Since we are allowed to print these forms on plain paper, we do have to go through an approval process each year, once the Social Security Administration releases the final format of the forms.

All supported State forms.

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