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·    Check For Update - If you have an internet connection, this selection checks the program you are using to see if you are using the latest version and revision.  You should have your internet connection running before clicking this button.
·    Backup Data
·    Restore Data
·    Direct Deposit
·    Tax Deposits
·    Restore from Auto Backup

·    Change Data Folder
·    Add New Data Folder
·    E-Mail Data Files
·    Export Checks to .QIF File
·    MICR Print Blank Check
·    Time Clock / Payroll Data Import
·    After the Fact Mode

·    Display Size - Select the desired display size.  None of the selections are designed to fill your entire display.
If you see strange results, like missing text or cut off text
·    Check your Windows display settings
·    Set Windows to use the "normal" font size (96dpi)
·    Make sure you are using compatible and current software drivers for your graphic system and monitor.
·    Make sure you are using one of the standard themes.

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