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The "Auto Backup" is not intended to be your only backup.  The purpose of the Auto Backup is to help you recover from a power outage.  You should have a good backup plan in place in case your computer is damaged or destroyed - a process where you create periodic backups on removable media and store copies in a separate location.  In many cases, the Auto Backup will be all you need to recover from a problem, but you should still create and save separate backups on removable media.

Auto Backup Process
To help recover from a power outage, Medlin Software makes one or two backups of your data when you close the software, or change to a different data folder.  Depending on available space, there may be multiple backup sets to try.

One set of backup files is saved in a sub-folder of the current data folder.  The sub-folder is named "Medlin_Auto_Backup".

In the "Windows Common Application Folder", we use a folder named "Medlin Software" to store a second set of auto backup files, if the Common Application Data folder is available.

Restore from Auto Backup
Use this option to restore the files created by the Auto Backup function.  The most recent Auto Backup is number "0", the oldest is number "20".  If you are given the option of selecting which Auto Backup set to use, try the "0" first.  Take a look at the restored data.  Set "0" will contain the most recent Auto Backup data, and should be your best bet for recovery.  If you are adventurous, you can take a look at the older sets as well.

The file selection window will use the first folder found from:
The "Medlin_Auto_Backup" folder for the current data folder
The "Common Application Folder" for the current data folder
The last folder selected for a manual backup

Technical Notes
The backup (.backup) files can only be used/open/read by restoring them.  You cannot open/restore a Medlin backup by clicking on the file using Windows Explorer.

The "Common Application Folder" is a special folder managed via Windows.  If you use a third party backup software, or a third party "expert" for your backup and restore, you may find the third party software/expert was only looking for data in the Common Application Folder and missed data in other folders.

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