Backup Data
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NOTE:  Medlin Software does not have a copy of your data on our computers, nor are we sending your data to any sort of online storage system.

Click "File", then "Backup Data" to copy the data files onto removable media (disk, USB stick, etc.).

If you are willing to reenter a week's worth of data, backup once a week.  If you are willing to reenter a month's worth of data, backup once a month.  Then again, if you never backup...

The following steps use a rotation of six backup sets
·    Make a permanent backup at the end of each accounting year.
·    Rotate two sets at the end of each month.  Label one "Odd Month" and the other "Even Month".
·    Rotate four backups at the end of each week.  Label them "Week 1", "Week 2", "Week 3", and "Week 4".  For a fifth week, reuse "Week 4".
·    Also, consider storing a backup set off site to protect against theft, fire, etc.

To test your backup
·    Click File, then Add New Client
·    Create a new "Client" named "Backup Test"
·    If you already have created the "Backup Test" Client, click File, then click Change Data Folder and select the Backup Test folder.
·    Confirm you are now in the "Backup Test" folder
·    Restore your data into the "Backup Test" folder and review the data you have backed up

If you use an external backup software method, such as one of the online backup software companies, we cannot help make sure you are backing up correctly, nor can we help you restore your data.

If you have a third party create a "backup" for you, we cannot be sure what the third party did, nor can we help you undo it.  Contact the third party and have them put your data back where it was.  An example would be a computer repair person making a copy of your hard drive.

If you prefer to move or copy your files instead of using the built in backup and restore, we are unable to assist with the move or copy.

If you install Medlin using the defaults, and do not move data files or folders manually, the following should work.  Be sure to test your backups before you need them, as we cannot control or help with the settings of other programs.

·    Make a note of which folder you selected to install Medlin into.  Open Medlin, then click the "Help" tab.
·    Set your backup software to backup all files in the installation folder, and all files and sub-folders "of" the installation folder.
·    To test or restore the backed up data, refer to the instructions provided by the backup software.
·    If the above three items do not make sense to you, then we STRONGLY encourage you to use the built in backup and restore functions.

The Medlin backup function gathers all Medlin data from the current data folder (Payroll, Accounting, and Accounts Receivable), compresses the data into a single file (to save space), and saves the file to a location you choose.  The backup file includes data folder's name, with the file extension of ".backup".

If you have multiple sets of data (clients), you will need to make a separate backup for each set of data.

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