Restoring Data
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To restore from a backup, you must "reverse" whatever process you used to make the backup.

·    If you make your backups using the built in "Backup Data" command, you can use the built in "Restore Data" command.
·    If you use an external, third-party, or manual method, you will need to use the proper method to reverse that process.  For example, if your computer person copied, moved, or made an image of your data, contact your computer person to reverse the process.

Start by selecting the most recent backup file.

The first part of the file name will be the data folder the backup was made from
The second part of the file name will be "Medlin".
Older backups will have a two digit number following "Medlin".  "01" is the most recent "old" backup.
The file extension will be ".backup".
Older backups, made with Version 4.7 (2015) or earlier, will have "Medlin" as the first part of the file name, and ".sav" as the file extension.

Technical Notes
In many cases, the most recent backup may not be the best option.  If there was an issue not discovered right away, an older backup set will be a better choice.

Medlin backup files can only be used/open/read by restoring them.  You cannot open or restore a Medlin backup by trying to directly open the file.

The file selection window will use the first folder found from:
The last folder selected for the "Backup Data" function
The "Medlin_Auto_Backup" folder for the current data folder
The "Common Application Folder" for the current data folder

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