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Payroll Software by Medlin - Price List
NO MONTHLY FEES! Our software is paid for once for each version, for computer using Medlin Software.
All updates within the same version (we call them revisions) are included at no extra cost.
Our program version 'year' is September through the following August - a new version is released each September.

Our policy is to keep our prices stable.
Prices usually remain the same for no less than two years, and increases are in small increments.
Since our first program - released in 1984 - our price increases have stayed below the inflation rate!
For 2019, there will be no changes in price.

Medlin Payroll 2018
Classic Edition
MICR Edition
Professional Edition
New customers and customers licensed for 2017, if you order Medlin Payroll 2018 before Jan 1, 2018 - in addition to calculations and forms for 2018 as they become available - you will also have calculations and forms for 2017.
If you order the Classic or MICR Edition for 2018, you can upgrade to a different 2018 edition by paying the price difference.
Customers who paid for our separate MICR Module prior to the 2017 version will receive the MICR Edition at the Classic Edition price.

   Medlin Accounting 2018 Medlin Accounts Receivable 2018
 First Order $75 $65
Upgrade from 2017 or 2016 $15 $15
Upgrade from 2015 or earlier $40 $40

Multiple Program
Order two programs
at the same time
Order three programs
at the same time
Add additional
$10 package discount $20 package discount 10% off the price of the
additional programs
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